Becoming a Florist

I had a very untraditional sort of florist training. My early career in floral design consisted mostly of working in my grandpa’s shop. My grandfather owned his flower shop for 45 years before retiring just as I got to be of working age. My first job in flowers was to help clean out his old shop and prepare for it to be sold. It was a sad day, but a necessary one, and that early experience of haggling with people looking to buy his old florist tools and other items for cut-rate prices probably gave me the small business bug.

Since I’d spent my childhood in his flower shop, it was no big deal at all to test out for my certification in floral design. I didn’t even have to go to any professional training classes, just took the test and walked out with my cert.

Not everyone has that easy of an in-road. Florist training is big business, with private floral schools charging big bucks to train floral design amateurs in the ways of being a florist. Community colleges offer courses in applied science, small business, and floral design to train the thousands of flower design students looking to get their cert every year. There’s lots of ways to become a florist, none of them easy and none of them exactly cheap.

Depending on the kind of flora design career you want to have, you have lots of ways to become a florist. If you just want to get a job as a florist, and not own your own shop someday, a simple certification test exists to show your potential bosses that you have the skills to work in their shop, and not just to sweep the floors. These tests are given at specific times, contact your local certification office or community college for info on where and when to take these tests.

If you have no experience in floral design, it would be a good idea to take classes at a private floral design school or junior college. A degree from one of these institutions shows flower shops that you’ve paid your dues and are ready to work in floral design.



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